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Book review: Securing the Cloud

The cloud is everywhere. It is all over us. But everybody knows that. I have been interested in could security for quite a while, so I decided to read a book to see how it is defined from A to Z today. After reading some reviews I chose the Securing The Cloud; Cloud computer security techniques and tactics written by Vic (J.R.) Winkler.
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Denial-of-Money attack

You could have read about a new interesting attack vector. It got the cool name of the Denail-of-Money attack. The first published case (which was actually an accident) was happened with an Associate Professor at Leonard N. Stern School of Business of New York University called Panos Ipeirotis.

His story in nutshell is that he made himself a more then $1700 Amazon AWS bill in a couple of hours. The root cause of the problem was that he shared 250 GB images in an S3 bucket. He used the thumbnails of these images in a Google spreadsheet. As it turned out Google in this case doesn’t cache content because it is considered private. Instead of caching Google simply downloaded all the 250GB every hour which costed a huge amount of money(although at the end Amazon refunded it).
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